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The Handbra

00 Sometimes after a hard workout you want to remove some clothing, air things out, and take a photo to see how things are progressing.  From what I can see things are moving along quite nicely — job well done!  I thank the good people at Apple for the iPhone more and more each day.

Yoga did her body good

+10 Just because a sexy lady has on yoga pants doesn’t mean it is the only thing you have to focus on.  This lovely brunette shows off what yoga has done for her body as a whole.  Just lovely results all around — Bravo!

Those are filled out

00 When deciding on taking a self pic of yourself I agree with the too small top and the lowrise yoga pants that wrap nicely around an amble booty.  Too add to the image give off a sexy sideways glance that says “Oh I know what you’re looking at!”  Nice to see she followed my